Provosts and Mayors of Sligo 1612 to 2015

Sligo Town Hall As Sligo recently celebrated 400 years of being a borough, we have delved into the archives and produced a list of 400 Years of the provosts and mayor's of Sligo Town and mayors of Sligo Municipal Council from 1612 to 2013.

By Royal Letters Patent passed 30th March, in the eleventh year of his reign, the king ordained that the town, with all appertaining to it, should be one entire and free Borough of itself, by the name of the Borough of Sligo, and that within this Borough there should be one body corporate and politic, consisting of one Provost, twelve free Burgesses, and the Commonalty, with powers for all future time to purchase, receive, and possess lands, tenements, and other goods, as well as to dispose of the same; there was a sweeping clause enabling them to do and execute all and singular other deeds and things, also that this body so constituted could sue at law and be sued, and that they should have power to elect two discreet and fit men to serve in every Parliament.

As Wood-Martin's synopsis of the King James 1st Charter indicates, the Charter provided for the creation of the office of Provost which was later replaced under the Municipal Reform Act, 1842, by the position of Mayor, an office which exists to this day.

Provosts of Sligo 1612 to 1842

YearProvost of Sligo
1612Roger Jones
1616George Crofton
1641Robert Gamble
1642Robert Gamble
1643John Braxton
1660Captain Charles Collis

Incomplete records were kept until 1709, it wasn't until that year that records commenced and are endorsed.

YearProvost of Sligo
1709James Bennett
1710John De Butt
1711John Booth
1712John De Butt
1713John De Butt
1714John De Butt
1715William Ormsby
1716Thomas Jennings
1717Thomas Jennings
1718John Booth
1719John Booth
1720John De Butt
1721John De Butt
1722Mitchelburn Knox
1723Mitchelburn Knox
1724Mitchelburn Knox
1725Owen Wynne
1726Owen Wynne
1727George Ormsby
1728George Ormsby
1729George Ormsby
1730Owen Wynne
1731Owen Wynne
1732Owen Wynne
1733Laurence Vernon
1734Laurence Vernon
1735Laurence Vernon
1736Laurence Vernon
1737Laurence Vernon
1738Laurence Vernon
1739Laurence Vernon
1740Laurence Vernon
1741Laurence Vernon
1742Laurence Vernon
1743Laurence Vernon
1744Laurence Vernon
1745Laurence Vernon
1746Laurence Vernon
1747Laurence Vernon
1748Laurence Vernon
1749Laurence Vernon
1750Laurence Vernon
1751Laurence Vernon
1752Laurence Vernon
1753William Vernon
1754William Vernon
1755William Vernon
1756William Vernon
1757William Vernon
1758William Vernon
1759William Vernon
1760Edward Martin
1761Edward Martin
1762Edward Martin
1763Edward Martin
1764Edward Martin
1765Edward Martin
1766Edward Martin
1767Edward Martin
1768Edward Martin
1769Rev.Thomas Cuff
1770Rev.Thomas Cuff
1771Rev.Thomas Cuff
1772Rev.Thomas Cuff
1773Rev.Thomas Cuff
1774Rev.Thomas Cuff
1775Folliott Wynne
1776Folliott Wynne
1777Folliott Wynne
1778Folliott Wynne
1779Folliott Wynne
1780Folliott Wynne
1781Folliott Wynne
1782Folliott Wynne
1783Folliott Wynne
1784Owen Wynne
1785Thomas Soden
1786Thomas Soden
1787Thomas Soden
1788Thomas Soden
1789Thomas Soden
1790Thomas Soden
1791Thomas Soden
1792Thomas Soden
1793Thomas Soden
1794Thomas Soden
1795Thomas Soden
1796Thomas Soden
1797Thomas Soden
1798Thomas Soden
1799Thomas Soden
1800Thomas Soden
1801Thomas Soden
1802Thomas Soden
1803Thomas Soden
1804Thomas Soden
1805Thomas Soden
1806Thomas Soden
1807Thomas Soden
1808Thomas Soden
1809Thomas Soden
1810Thomas Soden
1811Thomas Soden
1812Thomas Soden
1813Thomas Soden
1814Thomas Soden
1815Thomas Soden
1816Thomas Soden
1817Thomas Soden
1818Thomas Soden
1819William Fausett
1820Rev. W.C. Armstrong
1821William Fausett
1822Rev. W.C. Armstrong
1823William Fausett
1824J. Ormsby
1825William Fausett
1826J. Ormsby
1827William Fausett
1828J. Ormsby
1829William Fausett
1830J. Ormsby
1831William Fausett
1832J. Ormsby
1833William Fausett
1834J. Ormsby
1835William Fausett
1836J. Ormsby
1837William Fausett
1838J. Ormsby
1839William Fausett
1840J. Ormsby
1841William Fausett
1842J. Ormsby

Mayors of Sligo 1843 to 2013

YearMayor of Sligo
1843Martin Madden
1844Michael Gallagher
1845Michael Gallagher
1846Henry O'Connor
1847Andrew Walker
1848Robert McBride
1849Moses Monds
1850Edward J Verdon
1851Edward J Verdon
1852Edward J Verdon
1853Edward J Verdon
1854Edward J Verdon
1855Daniel McGill
1856John Mc Gowan
1857John Mc Gowan
1858John Mc Gowan
1859John McCarthy
1860Henry Lyons
1861Abraham Dobbin
1862W.H. Williams
1863Robert Hunter
1864Charles Sedley
1865W A Woods
1867Henry Lyons
1868James Tighe
1869Alexander Gilmore
1870James Kidd
1871Charles Anderson
1872James Kidd
1873T.H. Williams
1874Maurice Conroy
1875Robert Crawford
1876James Doherty
1877James Nelson
1878Thomas O'Donovan
1879Alexander Gilmore
1880John Walsh
1881S.M. Cherry
1882Bernard Collery
1883W A Woods
1884Bernard Collery
1885James Nelson
1886Richard McDonagh
1887James Nelson
1888P A Mc Hugh
1889John Connolly
1890John Connolly
1891Thomas Connolly
1892Francis Higgins
1893Thomas Scanlon
1894John Connolly
1895P A Mc Hugh
1896P A Mc Hugh
1897P A Mc Hugh
1898P A Mc Hugh
1899Edward John Tighe
1900P A Mc Hugh
1901Edward Foley
1902John J Keenan
1903Patrick McGuire
1904Thomas Flanagan
1905Thomas Flanagan
1906Michael Keane
1907Michael Keane
1908Michael Milmoe
1909James J Higgins
1910James J Higgins
1911James J Higgins
1912Daniel O Donnell
1913Daniel O Donnell
1914John Jinks
1915John Jinks
1916John Jinks
1917D.M. Hanley
1918D.M. Hanley
1919D.M. Hanley
1921John Jinks
1922Michael Nevin
1923Michael Nevin
1924Michael Nevin
1928WM Frazer Browne
1929WM Frazer Browne
1930WM Frazer Browne
1931John Lynch
1932John Lynch
1933John Lynch
1934Michael Nevin
1935Michael Conlon
1936Michael Conlon
1937Michael Conlon
1938Michael Conlon
1939P.J. Flanagan
1940Patrick O'Hara
1941W J Tolan
1942W J Tolan
1943John Gallagher
1944Michael Hughes
1945Elizabeth F. Flanagan
1946James Flynn
1947Andrew Dolan
1948Michael Rooney
1949Michael Nevin
1950Michael Nevin
1951Michael Nevin
1952Leo Hunt
1953James Keaveney
1954Stephen Bergin
1955Eamonn Tolan
1956Eamonn Tolan
1957James Gannon
1958James Gannon
1959Eamonn Tolan
1960James Keaveney
1961James Gannon
1962James Gannon
1963James Mc Goldrick
1964James Mc Goldrick
1965Hugh Flynn
1966P.J. Sidney Gallagher
1967Norbert Ferguson
1968John Fallon
1969Sean Mc Manus
1970Thomas Higgins
1971Michael Carroll
1972Sean Mc Manus
1973Martin Keaveney
1974Pat McLoughlin
1975Thomas Higgins
1976John Harrison
1977John Fallon
1978Michael Carroll
1979Sean Mc Manus
1980Tony Mc Loughlin
1981Eugene Henry
1982William Monaghan
1983Kathleen Mc Goldrick
1984Thomas Higgins
1985Michael Carroll
1986Tony Mc Loughlin
1987John Harrison
1988Matt Lyons
1989Roddy McGuinn
1990Jim McGarry
1991Sean Mc Manus
1992Kathleen Mc Goldrick
1993Tony Mc Loughlin
1994Sheelagh Hanly
1995Matt Lyons
1996Seamus Dolan
1997Tony Mc Loughlin
1998Patrick Branley
1999Rosaleen O'Grady
2000Sean Mac Manus
2001Jude Devins
2002Tommy Cummins
2003Sean Mac Manus
2004Declan Bree
2005Rosaleen O'Grady
2006Tom Mac Sharry
2007Jonathan Mc Goldrick
2008Veronica Cawley
2009Jimmy McGarry
2010Matt Lyons
2011Rosaleen O'Grady
2012David Cawley
2013Marcella McGarry

The final entry in the list of Sligo Mayors above, shows the 2013 Mayor as being Marcella McGarry, who was the last Mayor Sligo Borough Council. Since the abolition of Sligo Borough Council in 2014, Sligo County Council have continued the appointment of mayor under the name of Sligo Municipal Council.

Mayors of Sligo Muncipal Councl since 2014

YearMayor's of Sligo Municipal Council
2014Tom Mac Sharry
2015Thomas Healy

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