Michael Quirke's Shop in Wine Street

Michael Quirke - The well known Sligo Woodcarver Michael Quirke is well known in Sligo Town and also by numerous people throughout the world who have visited his quaint little shop here in Wine Street.

Michael came originally from "Down South of the country" to put it in his own words, coming to Sligo Town as a young lad, he became a butcher in 1957 in these very premises.

However, in 1970 his butcher's shop took on a dual role, as Michael also started carving figures out of wood, and sold these as well as selling meat.

Michael Quirke - The well known Sligo WoodcarverThis dual arrangement continue until 1988 when the butcher's side of the business was dropped and the carving became full-time.

Michael, who has certainly got the gift of the gab, carves figures from Irish mythology and local people such as the world renowned poet W.B. Yeats.

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