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Notable Sligonians

William Butler Yeats - World famous writer and poet
Jack B Yeats - Accomplished artist
Countess Markievicz - Politician, suffragette, freedom fighter
Bernardo O'Higgins - First leader of independent Chile
Michael Coleman - Tradional musician
Peter O'Connor - Businessman and devout catholic
Bram Stoker - Author of the Dracula book
Brother Walfrid - Founder of Celtic FC
Sean Fallon Football player
Sandy Kelly - Sligo's queen of country music
Spike Milligan - Comedian, writer and poet
Lola Montez - Actress, Dancer and Lady of the night
Mary O'Hara - Actress and Harpist
Michael Holmes - Tradional musician
Tabby Callaghan - Popular musician
Ray MacSharry - Politician
Martin Wynne - Tradional musician
Pauline McLynn - Actress
Carmel Gunning - Traditional musician
Westlife - World famous boy band
Declan Bree - Politician
Shamie O'Dowd - Traditional musician
Eugene Lambert - Puppeteer and Ventriloquist
Mark Scanlon - Bicycle racer
P.A. McHugh Former Mayor of Sligo and owner of the Sligo Champion newspaper
Maisie McDaniel - Country and Western singing legend
George Gabriel Stokes (1819-1903) - Mathematician, physicist, politician and theologian
Tommy Gorman - RTE Television News Correspondent
Dermot Mannion - Deputy Chairman of Royal Brunei Airlines
Oisin Mac Diarmada - Tradional musician
James Morrison - Tradional musician

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